Get the performance metrics you need with your feedback

Easily see what is working and what needs to be improved.


Get a clear picture of your feedback

Our feedback solution offers performance stats to keep you in the loop as far as feedback goes.

Feedback count
See the number of feedback responses all in one place.
Feedback rating
See how your customers feel about your site.
Bug count
See how many bugs were reported.
Feature request count (coming soon)
See feature requests from your roadmap page.
Upvotes (coming soon)
See how many people upvoted your changelog and roadmap content.
Comments (coming soon)
See how many users commented
Total responses (partially released)
See total responses across your entire workspace.
Total users (coming soon)
How many users submitted to roadmap.

Integrate with other apps you use

Easily integrate with your favorite apps directly inside Obeatow and through Zapier.

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