Why Obeatow was created

We believed existing tools where all over the place and we could do better. Obeatow aims to combine feedback in with your existing support system using custom launchers (or direct links if using Hubspot). The help widget is meant more for SaaS product dashboards, but could be used anywhere technically. Obeatow is the number one solution to combining roadmaps and customer feedback with your existing live chat.

Meet our team

Obeatow is currently run by one person rather than a full team.

  • Sewell Stephens


What Obeatow can do

Visual feedback
See exactly what your users are seeing with visual feedback.
See performance on your widget.
Support widget
Combine live chat (existing), roadmap, and feedback/bugs into one widget.
Integrate with thousands from Zapier.
Customize the look and feel of your widget and white labeled by defualt on paid plans.

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